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Since 2014, Royal Maids Cleaning Services has been providing outstanding residential and commercial cleaning services to customers throughout Kenya. We are proud to provide simply the best professional cleaning services available.

We are totally committed to our customers and to the quality of the service we provide, considering it our primary duty to generate the highest levels of client satisfaction possible


To be recognized by our clients, employees, and the industry as the leading provider of contract cleaning services for commercial and high security facilities.


We shall strive for excellence in all endeavors.
We shall give the customer more than they ask for.
We shall achieve success through service.

A seamless Transition

Royal Maids experience has helped us to develop a thorough and well-proven process of contract mobilization, taking into account all the specific requirements of each client, including:

  • Site security requirements
  • Logistics/storage of each building
  • Health and safety/risk assessments for each site
  • Recruitment of staff, inductions, training and site familiarization

Royal Maids will manage the transition process, covering:

  • Client meetings to fully understand each facility and its use
  • Site meetings to finalize specification of works
  • Initial delivery of equipment and cleaning consumables

Our senior team is fully responsible for the planning and mobilization stage of a contract, ensuring a smooth switch to using Royal Maids’ services.

Quality Management

We are proud of the systems we have developed to help us maintain our quality cleaning service.

Responsive management structure 

Our preferred strategy is to apply a flat, responsive management structure to client contracts. Teams comprised of operational management, site supervision alongside customer relations staff enables us to develop a sustainable, high quality solution.

Working supervision 

Wherever possible, the same team of operatives will clean each premises on a consistent basis. This approach engenders a strong team approach to each site and a collective responsibility, and can help to build a strong, personal relationship between the client and the cleaning team.

Quality auditing

We control the very high standards we promise our clients and which we strive to achieve consistently.

Recruitment and Training


All our staff are subject to a very rigorous recruitment vetting procedure, with every prospective employee required to produce original documentation for verification. This applies whether a future member of staff is transferring across to us or coming to us as a new team member.


We also have a very successful strategy of recruiting our cleaning operatives largely through introductions from existing employees, and a very high staff retention rate which further strengthens the level of security we are able to offer our clients.


Full induction training is given to each new employee, including comprehensive demonstration of all our cleaning methods to a level of competence, a full Health & Safety demonstration including our policies and a thorough explanation of the levels of the professionalism and attention to detail that we insist upon and our clients expect.

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Professional Staff


CEO / Co Founder

Sarah Munyivah

Sarah began at Royal Maids alongside her mother. She has continued to build and grow the business over the past 3 years. She drives execution of the vision and strategic plan. She maintains contact with clients and partners, and considers communication and corporate transparency essential to system success.


Customer Experience and Marketing

Catherine Mueni

Catherine is the Manager of Customer Experience, overseeing marketing, sales and customer experience. This role holistically leads both customer acquisition and retention strategies for Royal Maids.